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Invitation for the people who join the monitor tour in Kobe vol.3

-About Chef Ryosuke Kawai-

The highlights of the tour in Kobe is the fabulous food with the locally grown vegetables served in the greenhouse by Chef Ryosuke Kawai.

He was born as the son of a rice merchant. Although he had been familiar with cooking since childhood, his dream was to become an athlete or an artist. After returning to Japan from the United States, where he had studied for his dream, his parents said to him, "You're good at cooking. Cooking is also an art. Why don't you create your own world with cooking?". Then he shifted his career to cooking as a part of art.

After that, he trained and cooked in various well-known restaurants in a variety of genres including classic French, Japanese and new creative cuisine that won three Michelin stars.

His cuisine transcends genres. It is created based on the feeling and impressions he gets from visiting the fields and eating their products, in his unique way of cooking to maximize their potential. You will find a fantastic expression of combining his experiences in art and cooking.

Please follow the Instagram of Mr.Ryosuke Kawai. (posted in Japanese)


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