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Invitation for the people who join the monitor tour in Kobe vol.2

-About the Higashibaba Farm and their land-

Kobe is famous as a tourist destination, especially in the southern part facing the sea, with the Former Foreign Settlement, night views and Kobe beef.

On the other hand, the northern part of the city, which is not far from the center and easily accessible, has a vast satoyama area where a variety of agricultural products are grown.

Dojo Town, the venue of the tour, is located at the northern end of Kobe. Once developed as a strategic transportation hub, and the town is dotted with historical buildings. It also offers an open landscape of richly cultivated land. The cycling tour will allow you to enjoy the scenery while feeling the comfortable wind.

Mr. Higashibaba is the owner of the farm. He grows mainly tomatoes and strawberries in huge greenhouses. Although relatively many farmers in Kobe are family-run, he has expanded the facilities and hired employees to ensure a stable and sustainable farming management.

He is constantly researching and trying better ways to product good tomatoes. Currently “hydroponic cultivation” has been implemented. In the greenhouse, tomatoes grow high and you can walk right through them.

Mr. Higashibaba is very active in interacting with consumers, taking advantage of his location, which is easily accessible from the city center.

In the tour, you will be greeted by his gentle personality and the taste of his fresh tomatoes.

Please follow the Instagram of the Higashibaba Farm. (posted in Japanese only)

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