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Invitation for the people who join the monitor tour in Kobe vol.1

-About Plant Journey-

Plant Journey was launched in 2020 with the goal of providing sustainable and delicious food experiences through plant-based foods.

Today, we provide services related to developing products and creating food experiences that lead to sustainable dining.

What is "sustaibability”?

We use the word in a unique way.

As you may know, plant-based foods are environmentally friendly and useful for people from diverse religions, cultures, and allergies.

In addition to the facts, our goal is to accomplish “sustainability” by building good relationships between everyone involved with plant-based foods, including farmers, chefs and consumers.

Farmers produce vegetables in the best possible way in their respecitve fields nurtured by their land, soil, climate, culture and history.

Chefs seek out, find, and cook those vegetables into the best plates that express their deliciousness and strength.

Consumers taste them and feel the passion of the farmers and chefs, and this experience may bring positive changes in the way they choose and buy food.

Plant Journey mediates among them to create great food experiences that lead to a sustainable world.

We will continue to work with farmers, chefs and all the people who care about it to figure out the best path to a brighter future for food.

We would be delighted if you join this never-ending journey with us.

Please watch the video of the monitor tour in Kobe held in 2022.

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